BRAVO Provides Education On Violence-Related Issues.

CULTURAL SENSITIVITY TRAINING: Our presentations raise awareness about the root of hate violence: bias towards cultural differences among sexual minorities.

SELF-DEFENSE CLASSES: Regardless of your physical abilities, you can learn to defend yourself. BRAVO's trainings offer basic techniques which will improve your level of self-defense and self awareness.

COMMUNITY AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS: BRAVO provides outreach for LGBT communities and mainstream society on the scope and nature of anti-LGBT violence with vigils, forums, workshops and other campaigns.

Eliminate Homophobia

Homophobia is the irrational fear or hatred of Gay and Lesbian people. It can be the cause of conflicts in neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes.

Homophobia is the name of the kind of oppression faced by LGBT people, which can lead to hate crimes and violence.

Homophobia is learned and can be unlearned!
You can increase your safety and reduce homophobia in our community by:

Interrupting jokes about LGBT people.

Getting to know your LGBT neighbors.

Having a speaker from BRAVO talk to your softball team, co-workers, classmates, scout troop, or any other group of people about homophobia and safety.

Report violence when you see it or when it happens to someone you know.


BRAVO provides training on issues related to homophobia, safety, and self-defense for community members and professionals, which includes law enforcement agencies & officials, educators, social service organizations, as well as LGBT student and community groups. To schedule a training for your business, school or institution, email BRAVO (report@bravo-ohio.org)



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